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[Zambon] Fluimucil Granules 100mg/1gm
[Zambon] Fluimucil Granules 100mg/1gm [Zambon] Fluimucil Granules 100mg/1gm
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[Zambon] Fluimucil Granules 100mg/1gm
[Zambon] Fluimucil Granules 100mg/1gm
Manufactory: Zambon Switzerland Ltd.
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N-Acetylcysteine 100 mg/gm

1. Acute & chronic respiratory tract infections with abundant mucous secretions.

2. All forms of bronchitis, emphysema & bronchopulmonary complications with mucostasis.

3. Bronchial catarrh associated with pulmonary tubercular forms, bronchitis of different etiology.

ATC Code:
R05CB01 Acetylcysteine
AHFS Code:
48240000 Mucolytic agents
Pregnancy Category: Pregnancy Category B

1. Acetylcysteine may decrease the viscosity of secretions by splitting of disulphide bonds in mucoproteins.

2. It also promotes the detoxification of an intermediate paracetamol metabolite which is used in the management of paracetamol overdosage.


1. Acute treatment

(1). Adult:

a. 200 mg tid for 5-10 days.

b. 600 mg qd or bid for 5-10 days.

(2). Children

a. 2-6 years: 200 mg bid, for 5-10 days.

b. Up to 2 years: 100 mg bid, for 5-10 days.

2. Chronic treatment

Adult: 200 mg bid for 6 months period.

3. Mucoviscidosis


(1). >6 years: 200 mg, doses given tid.

(2). 2-6 years: 100 mg, doses given tid.

(3). <2 years: 50 mg, doses given tid.


1. Known hypersensitivity to acetylcysteine.

2. Fluimucil A contains aspartame, thus it is contraindicated in patients suffering from phenylketonuria.

Precaution: Asthmatic patients
Adverse Reaction:

1. Bronchospasm

2. Stomatitis, rhinorrhea, headache, tinnitus

3. Urticaria, chills, fever.

4. Hemoptysis

5. Rarely, anaphylactic reactions.

Packaging: 1 gm/Pack
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